Composer/Guitar Player/Music Producer Bodhisattwa Ghosh is a disciple of Indian Guitar Legend Amyt Datta, and an endorsee of Fender Guitars & Amps USA and Ernie Ball USA. As a composer and a guitar player, he has been constantly striving to break boundaries in music and establish his own sound, throughout the 20 years so far of his career. Studying the forms of Jazz, Blues, Rock and Indian Classical/Traditional music, he has established himself as a unique musician with a signature sound of his own. 

A musician who believes in the continuous process of learning, he has gathered experience in performing in over 20 countries, collaborating with Artistes from all over the world, some of whom are drummer Jim Black (USA), Saxophonist Soweto Kinch (UK), Tabla Player Tanmoy Bose (India) to name just a very few. 

Apart from performing across the length and breadth of India and having participated as a composer and as a guitar player in around 17 albums, Bodhisattwa has performed at prestigious venues and festivals in foreign countries such as Blue Note (Poznan, Poland), B-Flat (Berlin, Germany), National Theatre (Oslo, Norway), Bird’s Eye Jazz Club (Basel, Switzerland), No Black Tie (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Fest Jazza International Jazz Festival (Koprivnica, Croatia), Festival Lent (Maribor, Slovenia), Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania), Bandung World Jazz Festival (Bandung, Indonesia), CAMA Festival (Hanoi, Vietnam), Dev9t Festival (Belgrade, Serbia) to name a few.

Bodhisattwa has previously been a part of numerous outfits such as Ethno Jazz outfit “Kendraka”, World Music ensemble “Taal Tantra”, Electro Rock outfit “Zoo”, and is currently an integral part of his brainchild- New Jazz/Avant Garde outfit “The Bodhisattwa Trio” and Vernacular Rock veteran outfit “Lakkhichhara”, apart from innumerable collaborations in the past and present.