The Bodhisattwa Trio feat. MimikaOrchestra – Frontier (Album)

Date of release: May 12, 2023

Genre: Jazz, Jazz-Fusion

Duration: 73:07

Music Label: Intek Music

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Album ‘Frontier’ is an impressive musical journey of Indian-Croatian collaboration –

Indian jazz trio The Bodhisattwa Trio has released a new album featuring Croatian Mimika Orchestra

‘Frontier’ reveals a unique story about leaving Earth and finding a new home in space

After releasing the first single ‘Ghosts of Mars’ from their new album ‘Frontier’ Indian modern jazz trio ‘The Bodhisattwa Trio’ presents an impressive musical journey of Indian-Croatian collaboration on their new album recorded in collaboration with awarded Croatian Mimika Orchestra.

It is an instrumental concept jazz album on a science fiction theme, which combines jazz, and contemporary European classical music with influences from Indian traditional music, drum N bass, and rock.

‘Frontier’ conceptualize unique story of three astronauts who escaped planet Earth after a nuclear apocalypse to find a new home in space. The whole concept can also be seen as an interaction between astronauts (The Bodhisattwa Trio) and the forces of the universe (Mimika Orchestra).

Music on ‘Fronter’ and also arrangements were written by Bodhisattwa Ghosh, Premjit Dutta, Arunava Chatterje, and the arrangements for brass by Mak Murtić.

Album was recorded live in a studio in Koprivnica, Croatia and the main music producer of the project is Marin Hraščanec (Intek Music). The cover art was created by Croatian artist Zvonimir Haramija Hans.

Musicians on album: Bodhisattwa Ghosh – electric guitar, Premjit Dutta – drums, Shonai – keyboards and synth bass, Miha Gyorek – saxophone, Vojkan Jocić – saxophone, Marko Gudelj – saxophone, Nika Bauman – flute, Zvonimir Bajević – trumpet, Joe Kaplowitz – tuba and Luka Žužić – trombone.

The project will be premiered live in concert on international jazz festival ‘Fest Jazza Koprivnica’ in Croatia on 8th July 2023.

Making of ‘Frontier’ movie was released on Youtube and you can watch it here:

The Bodhisattwa Trio is an experimental jazz fusion/avant-garde band from Calcutta, India. They have released three albums so far (“Intersections”, “Heart of Darkness” and “The Grey Album”). They performed throughout Europe and Asia at numerous festivals and famous jazz clubs. Their collaboration with the Croatian music label Intek Music began in 2019 with the release of their album ‘The Grey Album’, making them the first Indian artist to release an album in Croatia.

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